54% Admit To Not Taking Out Pet Insurance Policies!

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We’re a nation of animal lovers and pup owners here, there and everywhere love to buy healthy treats for their dogs as one way to look after them properly and ensure that they live a long and healthy life.

But you can’t afford to be complacent with your pets’ lives and you also can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future, which is why it’s important to look into arranging pet insurance just in case – certainly worth it since vet bills can run into the thousands and you could be left in serious debt if you don’t have a policy in place.

New research from Comparethemarket.com has just revealed that 54 per cent of pet owners currently do not have a pet insurance policy, yet 44 per cent admit that they would struggle to pay the vet bills out of their own savings.

As much care as we take over our animals, accidents can and will happen, with the study showing that the biggest anxieties among pet owners are that they’ll be caught up in a road accident, be injured in a fight with another animal or be stolen.

Commenting on the findings, pet expert Andrew Milburn said: “It’s surprising to see that so many pet owners haven’t taken the steps to protect their pets, and their bank balances, should they get ill or injured. There’s no NHS for pets, and, if you don’t have pet insurance, vet fees can often come to hundreds or even thousands of pounds.”

Money Advice Service figures suggest that the average pet insurance claim is £750 but if your pet develops an ongoing condition, claims can be an awful lot more. You can find out even more about pet insurance on the site.

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