Dog Cinema Opening In North Wales

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If you love snuggling up to your pooch to watch a film at home, you may soon be able to enjoy the experience at a dedicated dog cinema - if you live in North Wales, that is.

PetPlace, a pet shop located in Abergele in Conwy County, is preparing to open its dog-friendly cinema, which will screen dog and pet-related movies that both humans and dogs can enjoy.

The company has spent over £100,000 creating the cinema, which has a special seating area that has space for 40 deck chairs and 50 dog mats. Tickets for screenings will be £10 for an adult and a dog.

It’s not only about the chance to watch a movie though, there is also a coffee shop that sells dog-friendly drinks and treats, as well as ones that their owners can enjoy.

Canine tea, Pawsecco and doggie beer are among the beverages on offer for our four-legged friends, while there will also be healthy dog treats on.

Speaking to the BBC, managing director at Pet Place Sion Pritchard said that the aim of the revamp, which also includes a play park, is to provide “a socialisation hub”.

He said it’s about providing somewhere “pet owners, pet parents can come in with their dogs, meet other pet owners... and spend quality time. It’s just something completely different”.

The Daily Post revealed the list of movies set to be screened at the dog cinema, with Lassie, Turner and Hooch, 101 Dalmatians and Bolt among those on the list.

If you don’t live in North Wales though you can still buy healthy treats for your dog and have your own movie night in. Check out our selection today.

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