Have You Heard Of The Day Of The Dogs?

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If you’re a dog lover then you may want to pay close attention to what’s happening in Nepal this week. The five-day Hindu festival of Tihar began this week, but it’s the second day of this event that’s likely to bring a smile to the face of dog lovers.

This is when the Day of the Dogs is celebrated. The BBC explained that this sees dogs in the country celebrated and blessed, with a red mark known as a Tika being applied to their forehead.

Canines are also adorned with flower garlands around their necks, and given treats and food as part of the festivities. And it’s not only pet dogs who receive this treatment, strays are also included in the celebrations. Treats can include milk, eggs, meat and high-quality dog food.

The news provider explained the reason for celebrating dogs for a day. It’s because Hindus believe that dogs are the messenger of the God of Death, Yamaraj. They hope that by keeping dogs happy they can appease Yamaraj.

Tihar shares some elements with the Indian festival of Diwali, which is also being celebrated this week. In Nepal, families clean their houses and courtyards, light lamps and pray for Laxmi. She is the Goddess of Wealth and it’s hoped that in doing so she will visit and bless their homes. 

AOL even shared a video of some of Nepal’s police dogs being blessed, given flower garlands to wear and rewarded with treats.

Although you may have missed the Day of the Dogs this year (it was celebrated on 6 November) that doesn’t mean you can’t still reward your pooch an buy natural dog treats in the UK - you don’t even need a special occasion to treat them.

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