Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

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With Christmas gone for another year, we’re well into winter in the UK and there is the possibility that we could be in for another bout of snowy and freezing weather, much like that experienced last February and March. 

If you’ve got a dog, you might think that their coat will keep them warm at this time of the year, but that may not be the case. For instance, if they’re young, old or have a thin coat they will struggle to keep warm.

The Express recently shared some advice from vets about how to take care of your furry friend during periods of cold weather.  

If your dog has a thin coat, you may want to invest in a coat for them. While breeds such as Alaskan malamutes and St Bernards are among those highlighted by the newspaper as being able to cope with freezing conditions, others like greyhounds, chihuahuas and lurchers are among those that struggle.

Whatever kind of dog you have, you should regularly check their paws after they’ve been exercising in snow or ice. Look for any balls of snow or ice that can build up between their pads and clean it out to prevent frostbite. 

Also be aware if you’re walking along roads that are gritted, that the salt and chemicals used can irritate a dog’s paws, so make sure your rinse and wipe them down once you get home.

The British Veterinary Association also offered some advice to dog owners at the start of January, recommending that dogs be kept on leads anywhere that water such as lakes and ponds may have frozen over, as well as going for shorter, but more frequent, walks in the winter.

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