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Crazy About the Dog

Hello, and Woof!

You just know when you’ve met a fellow dog lover. Sometimes you even come across someone who’s as crazy about dogs as you are. We are those people. It’s great to meet you! 


Tell tale signs you’re as crazy about YOUR canine companion as we are
Kissing your dog's wet nose
Talking to your dog as if it speaks human
Walking your dog no matter how horrible the weather is outside
Dressing up for a Christmas walk
Choosing holidays and hotels that are doggy friendly
Giving your dog a Christmas stocking
Hugging your dog in the middle of the street because you just had one of 'those' moments.
    The list is endless. We’d love you to share your photos and videos with us on Facebook or Instagram showing just how crazy you are about your dog!

    A little bit about Crazy About the Dog

    We don’t just love our dogs, we’re crazy about them! We want only the best for them, and for their owners too.


    We at Crazy About the Dog are proud parents of Poppy a gorgeous rescue mutt, and Nala a loving Ridgeback. We loved getting them treats but got a bit bored of seeing the same old products on sale. Nothing seemed to live up to our dogs’ personalities or our sense of fun.
    So we searched the world for suppliers who are as crazy about dogs as we are. We wanted unique, top quality items that would put a smile on our faces. We wanted healthy treats and exciting toys that would set our dogs’ tails wagging. And we wanted our dog-crazy friends to be able to get their paws on the best products around. 
    We are thrilled to offer you incredible doggie products from around the world in one place - from delicious nibbles to swanky collars and travel cases. Which means you can spend more time with your canine companion and less time searching and shopping. Enjoy! 
    And because we believe all dogs deserve to be loved, every time you buy from us, we donate a percentage of profits to dogs in need who don't have such loving mummies and daddies to care for them.