POO BAG HOLDER | Felt and Gold Snaps
POO BAG HOLDER | Felt and Gold Snaps
POO BAG HOLDER | Felt and Gold Snaps

POO BAG HOLDER | Felt and Gold Snaps


Walkies around the block or park? We'll help make sure you don't forget the poop bags. 

Avoid embarrassing situations by always keeping a poo bag at the ready. The DOGGY-DO-BAG is a practical felt bag dispenser that not only looks pretty but can also be easily attached to the dog leash, belt, or tote with the slit at the bottom. Depending on your style, you can choose a DOGGY-DO-BAG with silver or gold snaps.

Comes with a complimentary roll of compostable bags.

  • Stylish and functional
  • Easy to attach to the lead (wraps around the lead), your belt or a bag
  • Once attached it's always there 
  • Free roll of bags included
  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Eco-friendly, made of 100% wool

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Founder and designer Petra Jungebluth has enjoyed a long and successful career in fashion design and marketing for iconic international brands such as STRENESSE, TOMMY HILFIGER and LIZ CLAIBORNE. Her passion for fashion and design, coupled with her love for dogs lead her to create her own dog accessories brand: Cloud 7. Every one of Cloud 7's unique products has a playful design and are made only from premium eco-friendly quality materials. 


Length 3.5' (9 cm)


Made in Germany