SEAT BELT | Harness Attachment

SEAT BELT | Harness Attachment

Your dog will be sitting pretty during car journeys, leaving you free to focus on the road.

A must-have for your furry backseat passenger. Keep your dog safe and in one spot during car rides with a Worthy Dog safety car seatbelt attachment! Turn any harness into a travel harness, just connect the strong carabiner to your dog's harness and then buckle directly into the seat belt to make sure everyone stays exactly where they should be.

This seat belt is also perfect for when your dog has to ride in someone else's car.  

 Adjustable length to accommodate your pet's specific needs and to provide an individual range of motion for you'r dog's comfort and safety. 

  • Clips into regular seat belt socket
  • Adjustable length, from 13"" to 19""
  • Strong carabiner to attach to dog's harness for a secure hold
  • Hassle-free design
  • One size - made to fit all harnesses and dog sizes. 


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